Waverly Place Baptist Church Activities
House Painting - 06.18.11

 Today, 13 volunteers met at the church at 7am.  By 7:30am, we were a few blocks over painting the house of this 100 year old woman!  Our church donated the paint, we donated the labor.

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This is 100 years old Sarah Franklin and me.  She will be 101 in August!  She said it was like fairies came down and were painting her house for her!  She was thrilled and couldn't get over that we all would come and do that for her!

(This is Melissa's phone picture)  It's 7:31 and six of us are scraping away at pealing paint!  There were only six scrapers to use.  Starting with Thomas Frankie in the green shirt at left, his girlfriend Ashley in white, her friend Christine in red, me in gray, Tray Gibson on ladder and his brother Shane at right. 

Thomas, Ashley and Christine

16 yr old Trey on ladder, 13 yr old Shane and that's Brenda Frankie next to him.  There sure was a lot of scraping to be done!

I stopped after a bit to go around the house and take some pictures.  At the back of house is Jim Frankie, our youth pastor, Melissa Gibson, and a fellow named Lewis.  No scraping needed on back, so they got started painting right away.

On the other side of house Is Joe Woolvine (L) and Bill Lane.  This side didn't have as much scraping, only near front and at upper part of first level.

Johnny Murray and my John setting up the big extension ladder. 

Me, Thomas, Christine and Trey standing in the background watching and laughing (?)

Me, Trey on ladder (that's what he gets for laughing at us LOL), Thomas and Shane.

I was up on a ladder and took this pic looking down at Brenda and Ashley.  We seemed to scrape and scrape endlessly!

Christine and there's Melissa laying down on the job!  ;)  Lewis coming around the corner in background.

"Groan?  No, I didn't groan!"......as John snaps my pic.  Some of these pics are also John's (besides Melissa's).  We both had our pocket cameras with us to take pics.

Christine, Brenda and Ashley scraping near the back on same side we started.  There's Jim coming around the corner, checking their work  :)  and Thomas following behind. 

There's Melissa on her knees painting and working hard.  I think she was trying to make up for laying down on the job before......    ;)   Next to her is Lewis.

Ashley sure was a happy worker!  Thomas, Brenda and Christine behind her.

My husband John painting on the porch.

Johnny, Joe and Bill take a brief water break

(Melissa's pic)  Jim Frankie taking a break from supervising....I mean PAINTING!  See? See his brush and some paint on his shirt!  :)

Joe moved around to the front to paint a railing.

On the porch with John now is Thomas and Christine.  I was painting up here, too, but then it got too crowded, so I took some pics and went to SCRAPE again.

And here's Jim Frankie pointing and saying to Christine, "Hey..you missed a spot down there!"  (he didn't really!)

Melissa giving me her "You'd better NOT take my picture" face!  (she can't scare me!...I'm a YANKEE!!)  She's chatting with Don who lives here with his mother,  Sarah.

The Paint Station where you go for refills  :)

Heading up front for a paint refill, Lewis puts on his best camera face!

Me with my hubby John.  We had a good time working with everyone!  (John's also-southern friend Rick commented online that he likes John's REDNECK shorts!  LOL)

Everyone getting paint refills for their brush work: Jim, Melissa, Ashley and Lewis

Me and the boys STILL scraping!  Trey on ladder was sending a shower of flakes down upon me and Shane!  Shane got some in his eyes and complains while Trey shakes a few more off his scraper!  :)

The Gibson boys painting on the freshly scraped side.  These boys were very good workers and a big help!

View of the front of the house from the street.  It was a large house and deep as well. 

Joe and Brenda doing railings.  That's John standing on edge of porch on the left and you can see Jim's red shirt over Brenda's head.

This side of the house is really looking good now!  The Gibson boys continue to paint what they could reach.  Had to wait for the taller ladders to finish being used.

Thomas and Lewis admiring their work on the rear of house.  Johnny Murray still up on the big extension ladder finishing up there.  

We were so thankful that we only had to paint the first level!  This was a big  house.  Plus, we were blessed with the house being on the shady side of the street - all morning until 12:30pm when we left!  The sun was across the street all day!  Wow!

Johnny still smiling!  We're nearing the finish!  

Joe and Brenda finishing the railings.  
John and I will be going back over there this Saturday to paint the porch floor and steps.

My John (Baugh) still working on the porch.

Jim Frankie and Lewis, who is all smiles as he bids us "Adios!!" and leaves near the finish of the project.  The Gibson boys,  Ashley and Christine also had to leave before we were done but were with us most of the time!

The Frankies: Jim and Brenda with son Thomas in the middle.

Thomas and John finishing up the last of this side to complete the project.

I'd gathered up all the ladders and brought them up front. and bagged up the brushes and containers we used. John and Joe in this pic.

It was supposed to go up to 90-93 today!  When I got home at 12:30pm, it was still 77 degrees out with a nice breeze blowing!  Were we blessed with a perfect day or what!!?

Me:  "Come here and let me TOUCH you!"
When John got home and unloaded, we set about washing out all the paint containers that were used.

John rinsing the last container I'd washed out.

There!  All clean and ready for the next job!  See the great scoop John made for getting paint refills out of the 5 gallon bucket?  He put a wooden handle on a can and it was just what we needed!

The Lord sure blessed us with a remarkable weather day and with a crew of hard workers who all got the job done.  4.5 hrs and we were out of there!!  wow!



Painting the Porch

Brad Hancock volunteered to help us with painting the porch and steps at Sarah & Don Franklin's house this week.  We only needed one person which freed me up to work on the garden we'd made a bit of a mess of with all the scraping the week before.

Front steps to the porch.  The wood had been replaced along all three sides of the porch.  You can see some of it here.  Most of the nails at each end of the boards you step on needed to be hammered down, too.  Brad did that.  He came with his trailer of tools with him so we had everything we might need!  WAY2GO, BRAD!

The porch to be painted.  They knew we were coming back this Saturday to paint the porch and she emptied off the two tables so we could move them easily.  They each had a lot of small plants on them.

Removing the couch-glider.  

John and Brad sweeping before painting.  The end wood had been replaced with treated wood at one time but never painted.

Now the paint goes on!  How nice the unpainted end looks now!

While the men did the porch, I started working on cleaning up the garden on the side of the house where we had all that scraping.  It was heavily coated with paint chips and looked terrible!  Plus paint had been dripped on many of the leaves.

Might not look too bad in this pic, but some places had a solid covering of white flakes!

Cleaned up!  Quite an improvement!

This picture really shows how bad sections were!  It really bothered me to leave the garden looking like this last week!

John painting the outside edges of the porch.  We cleaned out the garden in which he is standing and put down mulch there as well.

Sarah sitting on her porch furniture watching us work.  We needed more mulch and left to go buy more and eat an early lunch while the porch paint dried.

Brad and John picking something off the doormat after sweeping it.  And John told ME I was being too "meticulous" with the garden!???

Meanwhile, I worked my way along the garden.  There were less plants growing here.  Sarah said these plants and their flowers are "4 O'clocks" and they have been growing there in that garden for the past 57 years!  WOW!

Another section "BEFORE"

And another "AFTER" pic!  The garden looked so nice when I finished with it.  John and Brad helped me with mulching.  Then while I did additional trimming, they chopped out the remains of a tree stump in the lawn.

They work well together, no matter what project they are doing!  Brad and John

Me with Sarah on their newly painted porch.  (The woman who told us about this house said the woman's name was Francis Franklin.  That is her given name but she goes by Sarah, her middle name.  So I changed it under some pics where I could)

The "AFTER" picture of the steps with Sarah on them.  She's up and down the steps and walks all around without the use of even a cane!

"AFTER" - look at how pretty the porch looks now!  Sarah said they've received several comments this past week as to how nice their house looked after we painted it!

The other end of the porch.  Sarah usually sits in the white chair over in the corner there.  Gives her a nice view down her steps at her neighborhood.

Look how nice the steps and garden look now!  (CORRECTION ON NAME!) Sarah was so happy with the changes and the work our church did for then. (The house is owned by both Sarah and her son Don).  They were so amazed that we all would come and do this work at their house when we didn't even know them!  But what a good feeling it was to be able to do this for someone in need!!

In two months, she will be 101 years old!


Buggiefan said...

I enjoyed looking at your picture. The house looks awesome. I know that she loved the fix up. Everything is so pretty.

Yvonne said...

Thank you! We sure had a good time working on it---and the house did look great afterwards. We went back the following weekend and did the porch and I did the side garden :)