NYC - 2nd Spring Trip
Monday - May 24, 2010

Gin and I went back to the City for another visit!


You can view what's here so far though
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 We went directly down to South Street Seaport again after arriving in Penn Station.  We wanted to go to the Seaport Museum.  But we forgot they are closed on Monday!  So we ate lunch and decided to walk over to the Wall Street area.

Passing Fulton Market on the right.  Tall pointy-top building in center of pic is the old Woolworth Building which is now the Trump Building.

The streets all through here twist and turn.  You often look like you are heading into a dead end.

The day was dark and cloudy.  It was quite dark walking among some of these tall buildings!

I go crazy over the architecture of these old buildings throughout the city!  How about the trees on top?

We are now walking along Wall Street.  Street is blocked off to traffic starting here in front of the Trump Building.  That's Trinity Church in the distance.

Federal Hall - The Birthplace of  American Government

George Washington took the oath of office as our first president right here at Federal Hall.  It was also home to the first Congress, Supreme Court and Executive Branch Offices.

Inscription on the Washington Statue's pedestal. The building is now and museum and memorial to our first President and the beginnings of the United States of America.

A man on the steps of Federal Hall playing the Flute.  It was neat to hear.

Inside Federal Hall
On Sept. 6, 2002, approx 300 members of the US Congress traveled from Washington DC to NY to convene in Federal Hall as a symbolic show of support for the City still recovering from the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.  Located just 4 blocks from Ground Zero, the meeting was the first by Congress in NY since 1790.

Museum display inside a previous vault showed his inaugural address and also a copy of his inaugural Bible among other items.

 Back outside Federal Hall heading towards Trinity Church, half of Wall Street at the NY Stock Exchange is closed off even to pedestrians!  I was amazed at the crowd of people moving through that area when it was not even rush hour!  However, it was just after 1pm and maybe some of it was the lunch crowd?

No bicycle racks in this area?  No problem - just chain your bike to the security bars on a building's window!

Trinity Church

One of the two beautiful, huge brass doors that open into Trinity Church.

The beautiful vestibule ceiling going into the church.

A little bit of history on a plaque.

A non-flash picture looking toward the alter.

Beautiful carvings in alter.  Hard to capture without getting closer and using flash which was not an option out of respect to those using the church for prayer at the time.

To backtrack a bit, across from Federal Hall is the New York Stock Exchange of Wall Street.

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