Roanoke Star on Mill Mountain, VA
60 Years Old

The star was lit for the first time on Nov. 23, 1949.

In 1949, the Roanoke Merchants Association decided to kick off that year's Christmas shopping season by having a neon star built on top of Mill Mountain. Although the structure was always intended to be a permanent addition, the merchants at first weren't sure if the star should be lit year round.

When the star immediately became very popular, the Chamber of Commerce and the Merchants Association decided to keep it lit all year.

Looking through the park to the overlook platform in front of the star.

The Discovery Center on top of Mill Mountain which is also home to the Mill Mountain Zoo.

Picnic Shelter on Mill Mountain at the Star

Looking up the walkway leading to the star platform

New restroom facilities built several years ago next to the star.

I took this picture of the star in October 2009.
Previous pictures were taken several years ago.

From the overlook platform of the star, this is the view of downtown Roanoke.

This photo appeared in the Roanoke Times.
It also was made into a postcard which I have.

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