December 18-19, 2009

Roanoke Valley, VA got 17.8 inches of snow overnight, the biggest snowfall since March 1993!

Looking out our back porch - the morning after the big snow when it started to clear up.

In front of our house, John's brother-in-law Timmy plows the private road up on the hill here.

Close up - the 17.8 inch snow was almost a bit too much for this little old tractor, but he got the job done and cleared us all out!

Guess we won't be going camping this week! ;)

John's truck is under there somewhere.

It cleared up nicely by afternoon!

Late afternoon a part broke on the back of the tractor holding the blade.
It certainly got a work out and I am surprised it didn't break sooner!

Then it briefly refused to start - so now they are working on the other end of it! Timmy in plaid jacket, John in coveralls, their nephew Stevie on the tractor.

My frustrated little cat walks the few pathways trying to find a way out of that stuff! It was too deep for the cats!

And so the sun sets behind the house as our first day of snow comes to a close. Everyone in the Valley is enjoying the novelty of it! It's been 16 years since we saw this much snow last!

The next day dawned sunny and beautiful. We went up to the store and I took a few pictures while we were out.

Yvonne & John
The Cemetery adjacent to John's property. It was part of a parcel of land that belonged to his first wife's grandparents. Upon their death, it passed to their two sons who divided it among their children!

One of the streams near our house.

Many people down here still fly their flags.
This is just around the bend from us.

Hay rolls and houses and mountains all pretty with snow!

I love the hay rolls!

That's John's house on the hill almost in the upper center of the picture.
The white house seen off our back porch in previous pictures.

Mailbox for the white house in previous pic.

An old barn just across the way from us.

Driving into town. Pond and cabana on right.

Industrial Center on 9th Street. I never noticed this building until today when it struck me how pretty it looked blue and white with the blue sky and white snow!

The house we bought when we first moved to Roanoke in June 1992.

The picnic shelter in 9th Streets Jackson Park

Coming back from town I stopped to take this picture.

We encountered Timmy plowing the cemetery road which we all use to get off the hill in the snow. It's partially on John's property so they don't mind us using it. :)

Timmy came back to the house with us and cleared out some of my driveway on the other side of the house leading to the garage.

We only had one shovel out back so we took turns shoveling out the rest of the door while Timmy plowed. John with shovel.

I took a turn shoveling. For real!

Meanwhile, New York got their snow the day after we did.

Jim's house in East Northport, Long Island after the snow.

Looking down Jim's block. They got 20-24 inches!

And this is my granddaughter Katie in the snow at her house also in East Northport!

Over in Coram on Long Island, some of my sister's kids dug out a 15 ft tunnel in their yard!

My niece Brooke and her boyfriend Michael in the tunnel....Tunnel of Love?

My niece Julia in the tunnel, too!

You can see the openings at both ends of the tunnel here.

Also in Coram on Long Island, some of my nephew's 6 children playing in the snow. Rachel, Daniel, Kaylee and Emily

Daniel with an icicle that broke off the house! BBQ tonight!

Eileen's apartment and carport the day after the big snow!

Her windows with lights and snow.

Sunset picture Eileen took from her driveway in East Northport.

Now back to Roanoke, VA
A few pics shared by others on Facebook

A few pics from
Melissa G.
The Roanoke River and greenway off Bennington taken from the car.

The beautiful mountains we have here in the south county!

Roanoke River again from further down.
I assume her husband was driving.....?

These are a few pics from Teri M.
I loved this cool "snowman" Teri's son Derek made!

From the side. They called it a snow-tree LOL

6 yr old granddaughter of friend Susan H.
Lexi and PawPaw built this snowman.

Gary & Elizabeth in Thaxton posted these
Gary's snowman and telescope (Gary's into astronomy)

Gary & Elizabeth's 7 year old twin girls enjoying their first big snow!

Madison & Brooke sleigh riding on a hill in the yard!

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