Edwards Food CenterWe drove down the mountain to the town of Breaks to go to the supermarket for a few groceries. Here's Edwards Food Center. It's a very long, but narrow store. These places are always so different than what we are used to in the larger towns.

You are now looking at their Produce Section under the white canopy.

Unusual brands of foods can always be found in these small towns. They don't seem to have many name brands. Always Save seems to be the store brand from what I could figure out. There were several other names that were totally "foreign" to me.

Like this one here of Minuet brand Round Crackers which were very much like Ritz Crackers. John bought a box of them.

Here's another brand, "Smart". They have Smart Trash Bags and Freezer Bags.

You are looking at the Bakery Department! How about the old fashioned table used to hold the cakes and pies? Balloons call your attention to these delights in case you missed them when you entered the store. They are near the checkout.

The checkout: Get a load of that cash register! All prices manually entered. No scanning here. I had to get a picture of the register even though it's not really quite THAT old! You don't see a register like this anymore except in these little towns in the mountains or country which I love it.

We decided to take a ride to see Elkhorn City. Since it had the word "City" tagged onto it, I thought it might be a large town. Nope! To my surprise, this is what we found. It's a small town in a beautiful setting though, right on the river which I think might be a continuation of the Russell Fork River that runs through Breaks.

There was a Civil War re-enactment going on that weekend. Unfortunately, we arrived in town just as it ended. However, it was interesting to see all the people in period dress and all the tents set up at the river's edge.

This is Main Street, Elkhorn City. Just a few stores up and down both sides.

Further down Main Street on same side of road as above near the end of town

Few buildings on opposite side of street. So much for a "tour" of Elkhorn City!

I found this great aerial view of Elkhorn City online and thought I would add it to my site. We were just above the white bridge showing on the left side of the picture where there's a clearing.

ROAD KILL KAFACame across this place while driving from Breaks to Elkhorn City. The sign caught my eye, needless to say!The name is just a gimmick although they do have a sign inside saying that if you bring in the road kill, they will cook it for you.

Looks like it was previously a home. However, it works perfectly! We were hot and thirsty after being in Elkhorn City and decided to stop here to see if they had ice cream. We got the most delicious homemade shakes! So thick and creamy and nothing like a "fast food" shake!

I Loved the decor and colors. Rustic tables a nice touch and look at that old fashioned black/white floor tiles on the floor! They also had a counter with four stools you could sit at. I love places like this and little old towns!
These are just some of the many pictures I took on this trip. Hope you found them interesting.
My blog ends here because Ijust started posting my pictures in May 2008. I willccasionally add a few "flashback" pics from times prior to that.
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