One of the many little lizards we saw running around the trails to the overlooks.

This is The Towers Overlook and John below. I am still up on the steep stairway leading down to the overlook. The Russell Fork River circles around The Towers and through the gorge.

Another view of the Towers and river. The mountains all around are amazing and beautiful. It is much deeper into this gorge than it appears in these pictures!

This pic was taken from the Towers overlook with my zoom and shows one of the other overlooks in the park. They are all on top of these huge rock cliffs.

A 3.5 mile hike down and through the gorge. We hiked it all.
Here I am on the Prospector's Trail by one of the boulders, most of which had to be at least 7+ stories high. The trail varied from very rocky and steep to fairly level, flat places. Though we were far below the overlooks, we were still less than half way down into the gorge.

John walking ahead of me on a steep, rocky part of the trail.

Another pic showing how large and high these boulders were. You cannot even see the top of them in our pictures. Doubt even a wide angle lens would help.

See the "fried egg" symbol on the right of the cave entrance? That was the symbol of our trail and we were to follow it to remain on the Prospector's Trail. Obviously they had to add an arrow to this marking because we looked at it and said, "We have to go into this cave!?" as I am sure many others before us have!

Turned out to be the first of several along the path, and going through these was the only way you could continue on the trail.

Here's me coming out the other side of the tunnel walkway between the boulders. Was a relief not to find any bears in there after all the park warnings about bears in the park!

More on the trail. You can see the trail marking in most of these pictures. All trails were marked with a white circle and a color inside the white. Orange was for our trail.

Whoaaa boy! We had to go down a steep stone stairway and through these two boulders to continue on the trail. We were nearing the end of the trail and met up with two other couples at this point. One of the guys took this picture for me and did a darn good job of it, too!

View of the theatre stage. The theatre was set down into a hillside and almost completely shaded. It was actually COLD sitting down here! We sat and enjoyed the performers for two hours in the morning, then went back to our camper for lunch before hiking the Prospector's Trail in the previous pictures.

This shows how the steps of the theatre are laid out. I think it is so neat that there is a "step" for you to set your chairs on to watch the performance and everyone can see over those in front of them. Many people came and went because they weren't dressed warm enough to sit here for too long!

These pics were taken late in the day during the last hour of the Gospel Sing.
We'd walked Prospector's Trail for a few hours and then came back to the amphitheatre for the last two hours performances.

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