Spring 2012 Trip 
to spend time with my family

The Coast Guard in Eaton's Neck had open house on May 19, 2012!  
The tower has been closed to the public since 2000!

We had an opportunity to go up inside the old lighthouse there.
 The 73-foot-tall Eatons Neck Lighthouse was completed in 1799.

This was the 2nd Lighthouse built on Long Island.
 It was an unbelievably treacherous climb to the top! 
 I could not believe they were letting people go up there!

My daughter Kathy, my granddaughter Katie and I went to climb the lighthouse.  
This is Katie's first lighthouse and she was excited! 
What the heck!!---so was I!!  LOL

I never realized the backs of these lights are open!  It sure gave off a lot of heat!  
This was the 2nd Lighthouse to be built on Long Island.

Katie standing in the doorway of the open deck.  In the 2nd pic above, you can 
see the door open to this little balcony under the lantern room.

Very narrow lantern room up there and boy! that light was giving off so much heat I was afraid I would brush against it and burn my arm!

The keeper’s dwelling was demolished in 1969, and eleven Coast Guard housing units were added to the station.

Kathy and Katie in the Lantern Room. 
The lighthouse was scheduled for demolition, but local activists went to
 work and succeeded in having the tower placed on the 
National Register of Historic Places in 1973.

The lighthouse continues to show a white light from its century-old 3rd order Fresnel lens – the only Fresnel lens in active use at a Long Island lighthouse!  It was installed in 1858 and electrified in 1921 soon after LILCO agreed to run electric to the area.

All three of us in the Lantern Room.

Katie on an anchor outside the lighthouse when we came out.  
She just turned 6 yrs old.

On the way home from the lighthouse, we stopped at the Lewis Oliver Dairy in Northport and fed the cow and goats some celery.

On a street in Northport where Kevin Murphy was from. He worked in one of the towers and was lost when they fell. This street was dedicated to him.

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