APRIL 2012

On our trip to NV to Las Vegas, we also took 3 side trips to Red Rock Canyon, 
Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon West

This is just a sampling.  More pictures to follow.

Yvonne on the rock mountain at Grand Canyon West.  We ate lunch under the white tent you see in the background.  This place was amazing!  Wish we had more time there.

Yvonne & John on the Skywalk at Grand Canyon West.  YES!  It was fantastic and we loved it.  Well....I did anyway; John doesn't like heights.  Don't know if he looked down through the glass to the bottom!  ;)

John standing next to a Joshua Tree at Red Rock Canyon.  This was a great little side trip and the many different colored mountains were so interesting to see!

A scanned pic of us at the Hoover Dam.  It was amazing as I remember when I was 19.  This time the new bridge above us was open and we actually got to walk across it and take pics from it.  Those will follow!

On the return trip from the Hoover Dam, we stopped at a Chocolate Factory.  There was a huge cactus garden in front of it with every cactus you could possible imagine - some flowering beautifully.  I loved it!  We scooted quickly through the factory; nothing to see because they weren't making chocolate, of course.  

More pics of each trip will be added soon!
NOTE:  You can continue on and see the pictures 
taken in Vegas!

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