Day Trip on a beautiful winter day!

Philpott Lake and Dam
The Visitor's Center at the Dam

Nestled in the rugged foothills within sight of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia are the lake and surrounding public lands of Philpott Lake. The clear water and natural shoreline make Philpott Lake a unique place to visit. 

 (Aerial view of Philpott Dam Courtesy of U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.)
Over 6,000 acres of surrounding land, 3,000 acres of water, and a power plant make up Philpott Project located in portions of Franklin, Henry and Patrick counties.

 A beautiful overlook with informational signage.
There are numerous recreational opportunities, including: boating, swimming, picnicking, hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, and wildlife observation. The lake has eight campgrounds, six beach areas, and nine boat launches.

View of the dam from the overlook.

Our view of the Lake from the overlook.

John with me on the overlook.  It was a warm sunny day. 
I didn't even need a thin jacket on!  

After the visitors center and the overlook, we drove down to the other side of the dam. 

It sure is a big dam!  The water is several feet from the top of the dam on the other side! 

How's this for a size comparison?  See the guy fishing over the railing across the water?  I placed an "X" over him.  If you look closely, there's another man standing closer to the dam as well.  It's gigantic!

 Always glad to find a restroom at places like this!  It's really just a nice cinder block outhouse with a toilet in it and that's all!  (we always carry wet wipes with us!)

Several signs were posted.  They should be taken seriously!

After walking all over and a good bit of sightseeing, we went back up to the overlook area again to use the picnic shelter as we'd packed a lunch.  We found it a little cool in the shade since a breeze started blowing through the area.

So we moved over to a table in the sun.  
John is waiting for my approval before sitting down.  :)

Now for a lunch of salad and Kroger's Diet Tea with Lemon!

This area is so beautiful.  It is located only 50 miles from Roanoke, so it was a perfect trip to get outside in the sun and mild weather in the middle of the winter!

Up on the hill in the picnic area with the Lake behind John.

It was about 3:30 when this pic was taken.  The breeze had really picked up and you can see it in the ripples across the lake.  We left to head home at this time.

But we passed Fairy Stone State Park and decided to stop there and walk around!

These are old and new butterfly houses!  I have never seen one before!  
I like how the newer one has an overhang.

 Walking down to the beach.  I remember coming here the first summer we'd moved to Roanoke!  (June 1992)  It was so hot and we sat in the shade of the trees with our blankets instead of the sand area.

 Looking towards one end of the beach.

And looking to the opposite end. It's a small lake area created by another dam from which the overflow from this area runs into the Philpott Dam area.

We took a walk down to the far end.  It was so quiet and beautiful there.

We took the "scenic route" home instead of the highway.  I was so surprised when we drove past a set of those 3 crosses!  I've never seen any close enough for us to get to for a picture!  

The Rev. Bernard Coffindaffer, the businessman from Craigsville, WV, erected these crosses primarily with the two million dollars he obtained from the sale of his coal cleaning plant!  He died penniless.  

The first cluster of crosses was placed at Flatwoods, WV, along US 79, the approx center of WV.  These clusters are a familiar sign along highways in many states of America as well as two foreign countries.  I love seeing them!

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