Mother's Day 
May 9, 2010 
Katie, Kathy and I went to have breakfast at Skipper's Pub at the Harbor.

It's a beautiful place with rich, warm woods and brass and beautiful harbor scenes on the walls.

 Kathy & Katie as we wait for breakfast.

 Kathy & Katie (4 yrs old)

After eating, we walked over to the harbor park, but the wind was blowing so hard and cold that we didn't stay long.

 With Nana....all buttoned up against the wind.

  We discovered that the huge azalea bushes had been removed but found a few flowers over here for a pic.

New fence and new, small bushes planted where the huge azalea bushes had been!

 Katie gets a ride on the swing.

 Nana (Yvonne) & Katie

  I am SO "anti sugar" now that it was difficult for me to take this picture of my little granddaughter picking out her choice of penny candies!

 Katie and Aunt E - Eileen had been in the city and joined us at Kathy's house soon after we came home.

 Discussing what else Katie wanted on her ice cream cone.....   

 Katie and Eileen having fun with the Soda Fountain Play-Doh set Aunt E had given her for her birthday. 

Katie made a snake and is going "oooooouuuu" trying to scare me with it!  :) 

Me with my daughters & granddaughter
Eileen and Kathy holding Katie

 Katie wanted a pic with both her daddy & mommy
Mike, Katie, Kathy

 Eileen, Yvonne, Kathy

May 16, 2010
Eileen's Birthday
  Celebrating Eileen's birthday which was on a Sunday this year. 

 Another pic with cake without candles or sunspots!   

   Katie keeping an eye on Eileen cutting the cake.

Katie's 4th Birthday
April 28, 2010

Kaitlyn Marie Johnson



  Kathy & Eileen had a garage sale May 22, at Kathy's house.  Me holding the money box.  I bought that table from Eileen to use on my back porch.  She then sold the chairs on Craig's List  :)

Here's a pic of it on our porch with the new floor and two chairs I had.  John just opened this corner up with extra windows so we have a nice view out across the property!

This show our view better.  It's perfect out there.  We use it every morning while it's still cool.  


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Yvonne!! I think I'd enjoy an evening at the Skipper's Pub. You have a beautiful family!

Yvonne said...

Thank you Gary! Skipper's also has a bar on the other side of the divider from the table we were sitting at. We've gone there a lot!