Atlantis Marine World
Riverhead, NY
May 17, 2010

Second Annual "Nana and Katie" outing to the aquarium!

 We took the Riverwalk from the parking lot to the Aquarium.  Many posts had marine figures carved into them!  So cute! 

4 year old Katie standing in front of aquarium building. 

Katie really liked the "orange stuff" waving in the water. 

 A little band-aide finger pointing to what was her favorite fish - the big one with the black, yellow and white.

 More of that fascinating orange stuff.....

She got so excited when she saw NEMO!!  
....but  two Nemos??

She was aware of so much more this year at the aquarium.

Watching all the little sea horses.

Me and Katie sitting outside waiting for the Sea Lion show to start.

We went out to watch the Sea Lion show.  She didn't like it anymore this year than last!  I don't think she knows what to make of these "weird creatures" (to her).

 She loved the Koi fish!  She's trying to touch them and keep her wounded finger dry at the same time.

 They were so pretty.  The ones with blue look like they have little blue flowers embroidered on them!

There were two cages with large birds in them - at an aquarium?

Standing on a bench in a dimly lit room.  She climbed up and on everything this year!

Looking down from the top area of the shark tank.

Last year, the seaweed was her favorite.  Not this year.  But she did spot this pretty blue fish at the bottom of the sea weed tank!  However, upon checking last year's pics, I discovered the same fish in the same's not real!  What???

 Reaching out to "touch" the BIG TURTLE that swam past in the shark tank!

The turtle seemed very curious about Katie and came back to her over and over again!  It was amazing and fun to see.

Laughing so hard at the silly turtle who is peaking up at her.

"Now what are you doing?"....wonders the turtle. :)

Katie at the Mermaid Fountain.  She was quite intrigued at all the coins in the fountain!

Trying to show me where her penny landed.

Love the building by the Mermaid Fountain.

Striking a pose at the big ship's wheel.

Stuffing her face with some potato chips.

Hanging over yet another body of water.  I was sure I was going to be pulling out a wet, unhappy kid sooner or later!

Visiting the Iguana again this year.

Talking to mommy at work and trying to tell her how she flicked her fingers in the Koi pond to bring the fish over to her....but she couldn't think of the words to describe what she did!

I was so surprised when she finally said, "Like this".....and held the cell phone to her fingers and did the flicking motion!  So funny!!!

I asked some man to take a pic of me with Katie.  As he did so, she bolted off my lap!

I got her back and tried again....but look at her face!  Afterwards she told me she didn't want him to take her picture because "he wasn't a nice man"!

Then we saw one of the workers with this baby penguin standing in the tourist area.  We went over to watch but Katie didn't want her picture taken with it.  Not sure she could make out just what this creature was now!

It flapped it's wings (flippers?) and walked all around.  It was funny and cute to see it up close like that.

I found another man and asked him to take a picture of us.  Katie liked this guy much better - and look at that smile!!  However, I have a good hold on her, just in case.

She loved the stingray and shark tank this time!  She's trying to make them think she has food so they come to her.

It was so cute the way they would slide up the wall and out of the water looking for a handout!  We had a lot of fun at this tank watching them.

Hours later, a weary Katie immediately dropped off to sleep as soon as I started driving.  I sure wished I could do the same!  We were there for hours and had a great time!

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