The SPCA Benefit
  Feb. 19, 2010
Tonight we went Downtown to see the Art Show to benefit the SPCA held at the Taubman Museum of Art.
We got into a traffic jam and I took a few pics out the car window :)
Looking down the block on the side of the City Market Building
Corner and front of the City Market Building which houses the Food Court.
Outside the Parking Garage at Center in the Square
We were surprised to find a long line of people waiting for the doors to open at 6:30!
All work was submitted on a 12x12 inch canvas
By Elizabeth Dhane in oil, collage and mixed media called "God Bless Oma, Ace and Buster" selling for $200.
Emily Drinkwater painted this in acrylic called "Where did the grass go?" selling for $40. 

You can see the variety in prices according to artist. There were many exhibits here done by children 12 and under and also the 13-18 yr old age group.
More exhibits. We wished they had provided the person's age when it was work by kids, but they didn't. You only knew from the awards placed on some giving the age ground for the award.
I found the dessert table! These were to die for! Especially the little squares of cake and icing in the right corner and the melt-in-your-mouth peanut butter cookies on top of the center plate! The food and wine and drinks available was amazing! Look at the vegetable and fruit platters also! 
The wall to the theater was folded into the wall allowing a large area between the theater and the atrim for the exhibits.

The food was at the back wall (to right in pic). All sorts of pasta dishes and BBQ, cheese & crackers, seafood, breads - so much I can't even remember. John said the shrimp and BBQ pork was delicious. It was all provided by Norah's Cafe in the museum and what testament to their high quality and delicious foods!
Photo a little "grainy" looking because i cropped close to see the paintings AND the fact that we were not allowed to use FLASH when taking pictures.

Looking towards the front doors. It was all quite impressive. 
This is the first event of this type we ever attended. It won't be the last!
Taken before it became jam packed full of people and difficult to see the exhibits. That was the only downside. But I am so glad there was a huge turn-out for this benefit for the SPCA!
I thought I might buy one of the paintings for myself. First one I saw that I really liked was this little cat. But it was a little out of my price range at $175! :(  It's called "Going Undercover" by Sue Beckett, done in oil.
I really liked this one also by Kathryn Knapp done in acrylic, selling for $185 - but I cannot read the name of the painting in my photo.
They even got the Mill Mountain Star in a painting? The one on in the lower right corner won BEST IN SHOW for 2010.
It's been sold as indicated by the round red sticker placed over the price.
More paintings.  Loved the black cat in top LEFT corner.  See close up of it in next pic.
Awarded "Most Intriguing", this is an oil painting done by Lauri Waterfield and selling for $595! I obviously have expensive taste! :)  It was lovely in person. The lighting here didn't do it justice on top of not being able to use a flash. It's so detailed and beautiful.

More cats and dogs and two of these are SOLD....the dog in upper corner has 2 red stickers on it. As you can see, the cat with star in corner was awarded "Best Under Age 12" which was how we knew there were painting here by kids as well as adults - and it sold for $100!
Dog in the mailbox is cute.

This cat picture was wound in yarn all around the border creating sort of a "frame" around it and tied in a bow at top. It's called "We are available - SPCA" done in acrylic by Betty Pence selling for $95.
Again, poor lighting and lack of flash affecting viewing of paintings. I liked the one in bottom right corner which was awarded "Most Original" and has also been SOLD! - for $225. I cannot read the artist's name.
"Newshound" made from Roanoke Times newspapers by Judith Damon of mixed media and selling for $950. It's very large! Notice the size of the newspaper between it's feet for a size comparison.

Called "Big Dog" - which he certainly was, done by Ann Glover of enamel on wood, selling for $2,800. There were a couple more large pieces but I wasn't able to get pictures of them.
I also liked the cats in the lower left corner. They were by Karen M (couldn't read last name in pic) and selling for $40. But by then I'd stopped looking at prices LOL The sleeping lion (tiger?) is by Brittany Meyers selling for $50.
I like the blue frog!

Dogs in back of a truck titled "Sisters go for a ride" done in acrylic by Frank McClung. It was awarded "Most Humorous", and it SOLD for $150. (red sold sticker on it)
This was one of my favorite and was the ONLY artist I saw that turned the 12x12 canvas around and painted on the BACK of it, then added a boarder to frame it creating a shadowbox effect! It's called "Happy Pina" by Morne Ferreira of mixed media, for $200.

(Note: SPCA Benefit paintings continue as shown in The Market Gallery immediately following the pics from the museum's regular exhibits)
I love the frosted glass, lighted stairway going up to the art galleries. Would you believe that our $2 EACH ADMISSION included all the free food and drink, live music, paintings to view AND you were allowed to go upstairs and see the museum's exhibits!

John enjoyed walking through the museum again and seeing the paintings! I may have another "convert" on my hands!   ;)
Looking down below from the second floor balcony. Shows more paintings. Wish I could have seen them all better! Next time! :) If you didn't attend this benefit, you really missed out on a great event!

  Live music was provided by brothers Cyrus & James Pace. At the bottom of the steps you can see the wine table where someone is getting a glass of the wine of their choice.
 Taken from the second floor balcony looking out the upper windows of the atrim to the H&C Coffee sign and the Dr. Pepper sign next to it on the roof of the building across the way. I also noticed I got the Mill Mountain star in there! See it?--red, white & blue! I am one of those people reflecting in the glass at the balcony! :)

The following are mainly to SHOWCASE THE FRAMES, which are gorgeous - especially in the 17th Century art room.
This is a huge painting at least 6 ft wide. The heavy ornamental frame is about 5 inches in depth from the wall to the picture. It's The Annunciation to the Immaculate Virgin, circa 1701 by Alessandro Gherardini. Oil on canvas.
A close up of the previous painting's frame to show detail and depth.

This is "Harlequin and His Lady" circa 1750 done by Giovan Domenico Ferretti. I recently showed this painting from it's side. I wanted to include this picture of the full frame and picture head on. The frame is stunning and so deep!

A better portrait from the side - see how deep the frame is and how ornate? I love them!! Gorgeous. 

Titled "Madonna and the Christ Child" by Onorio Marinari in oil on canvas during the 17th Century.
"St. Sebastian Tended by St. Irene" circa 1650 by Felice Ficherelli of oil on canvas. Portrays the moment after St. Sebastian has miraculously survived an assault of arrows and left for dead by his executioners. There's more of the story of this painting to be read on the wall next to it.
Jacopo de Empoli's oil on canvas titled "The Immaculate Virgin Appearing to Saint Hyacinth" done in the early 17 Century. Another gorgeous frame.
Front view of the Market Building after we left the art museum and were walking back to the parking garage. Parking was $3 for the evening at the Center in the Square's garage.

Center in the Square downtown which houses the Symphony, Theater (for plays), History Museum and Science Museum. It was also the former site of the Art Museum until the new building was built last year.

Another view - also shows the awnings over the tables of the Market in the Square. Downtown Roanoke, VA.

 * * * * * *
A picture of me with "BIG DOG" the next day downtown.

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