Falling Springs Falls

Located in Alleghany County on the Jackson River, this stream rises from Warm River Cave approximately one mile north. Warm thermal spring water and a cold stream of shallow groundwater mix in the cave before surfacing as Falling Spring Falls.
The first time I saw Falling Springs was about 12 years ago at which time MeadWestVaco still owned the property and no overlook or parking area existed.
The property has had extensive renovations to the overlook and grounds so that visitors can more safely stop and enjoy the view, making it one of the most visited spots in the Alleghany Highlands. 

Our beautiful Blue Ridge and Virginia mountains in the background.  The scenic waterfall is located on Route 220, just five miles north of Covington, Virginia.

Spray cliff communities on limestone in Virginia are considered rare.

The flow of the water fluctuated while we were there.

It is so beautiful at the bottom of the falls and there is a 6ft swimming hole further to the left. The water is supersaturated with carbonate that forms travertine,  a form of limestone, at the base of the waterfall.

Underneath the 80 foot drop from the Falling Spring Falls is an undercut cliff. The constantly wet rock faces within the spray or splash zone of the falling water creates a moist microhabitat called a spray cliff community.
Some kids went down to the bottom and under the falls!  I would love to go down to the bottom again and next time, might go prepared to make the attempt!

John Yvonne
John never smiles when strangers take our picture! Of course, I am not smiling here either it seems. Oh well, she caught us off guard (?)
On November 28, 2004, Mead Westvaco donated the Falling Spring Falls and approximately 19 surrounding acres to the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation.

There's a fantastic video of these falls both from the road level and also at the bottom of the falls.  It's beautiful and well done!  If you like this waterfall, you will enjoy this video!  Link to it provided below!  just click!!

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