The Year 2009 in Review

                              My daughters Kathy and Eileen

Granddaughter Katie's 3rd Birthday!

Kathy telling Katie, "Now remember - Nana gets all the icing!"

Katie eating the cake and filling - "More JUICE, please"

Katie & Eileen - Nana got Katie a Balloon game just like her mommy had when she was little!

Gramps (Jim) & Katie on Easter.

Eileen on the left - with her friends in New Orleans when they went down for the Jazz Festival.

Hanging at the bar in New Orleans, this guy thought he looked so "hot" in a previous pic and wanted them to take another one with Eileen; her reaction?? "C U" (get lost!)

Sisters celebrating Kathy's birthday in July

Katie on the merry go round at the Firemen's Fair

Kathy and Katie

Eileen, Jim, Kathy
The girls taking Dad out for dinner on his birthday in July.

My girls!
Kathy, Katie & Eileen at Northport Harbor Park

Katie having a cheerio and juice break at the park

Mother & Daughter: Kathy and Katie

Katie kicking back and relaxing while having a snack and watching TV.

Katie with hair flying!

Eileen with lobster!?.......YUK! says Katie

Yvonne & Katie - "I love my Nana!"

Christmas card of Katie - 3 yrs 8 mos old

My step-daughter Tahra with her family: Husband Tim, and sons Gage and Gavin. Taken in March for Gage's 1st Birthday.

 Gage and Gavin

Tim holding Gavin and Tahra with not-too-happy Gage visiting Santa - 2009 Christmas card picture

My step-son Justin.
He's a pharmacist thus the pic on right when on vacation!

Justin & fiance, Maria

Eileen, Tahra, Justin, Kathy
Last photo of the four kids together in Sept 2007, when Tahra was pregnant with Gage.

Tahra and Justin live in Florida; Kathy and Eileen live in NY.

Thanksgiving 2009 in NY
My sister Sue and her husband Ron & daughter Allison
Jim, Eileen, Allison, Ron, Sue, Kathy holding Katie

Sue & Ron's girls: Allison and Melissa

Tim & Melissa - they live in Maryland

Allison with Calli

The big girls and the little girl on Christmas Day
Allison, Eileen & Kathy and Katie

Ron & Sue, Jim, Kathy & Katie, Eileen, Allison & Shane
Jim and my girls went to my sister's house again on Christmas.  Shane (my sister Ginger's son) came over to see them.

Allison, Eileen, Kathy, Shane

More Cousins! Meeting for dinner.
Shane, Kathy, Eileen, Scott, Brooke, Allison, Melissa

Cousins in the summer
Brooke, Allison, Shane, Melissa, Kathy

COUSINS: Shane, Kathy & Melissa

6 of the cousins + 2 boyfriends
Seated: Scott, Shane, Mike & Brooke
Standing: Allison, Melissa & Tim, Kathy

My sister Ginger with her husband Rich and family in Rockefeller Center in December.
Rich and Shane in back, Sammy, Ginger and Brooke,
Tanya and Julia in front

Shane on a piano like the one featured in the movie "Big"

Julia in Times Square, NYC

Ginger and Rich before going to Radio City Music Hall with the kids.

Mike & Brooke

Brooke & Mike at Niagara Falls!

Oldest and youngest of the girls: Brooke & Tanya

Climbing the stairs inside Montauk Lighthouse - Julia at bottom, Tanya and Sammy (camera date is wrong - this was Aug. 2009)

Julia has the lighthouse in her hand :)

Rich & Gin on the boulders by the Montauk Lighthouse.

Sammy at the top of the lighthouse.

It's Shane's 31st Birthday
Brooke is ready with the fire extinguisher - just in case!

Wiggin' Out - Tanya, Sammy & Brooke

The four girls - Julia fixing Brooke's hair. Sammy on left, Tanya on right. (still the wrong camera date!)

Julia in the middle with two friends on the trampoline.

Sammy & Brooke

Ginger & Rich's oldest and youngest: Rick & Tanya.
They have 3 sons and 4 daughters.

Rick is married and this is his wife Denise and daughter Lindsay.
They are currently living in TX.

Rick & Denise's three children - Lindsay, Hope & RJ

Scott is Ginger & Rich's next-to-oldest son.
Scott is married to Amy and they have 6 children.

Scott & Amy's children:
Emily, Rachel, Ashley, Daniel in back and
Cassie and Kaylee in front.

Daniel's a Big Brother to Cassie & Kaylee

Lettin' loose! 3 of Scott & Amy's kids along with Gin & Rich's 2 girls.
Standing on the table is Julia and Tanya. Laying on the table is Ashley. Then Cassie & Kaylee standing on the bench!

Emily, Rachel and Daniel out for ice cream

Rachel & Cassie - Scott & Emily

Cassie & Scott

Daniel - another Yankee fan!

Celebrating Ashley's birthday - in Times Square with her friend
Amy & Ashley on their NYC trip

The girls shopping and trying out umbrellas - Rachel, Julia and Emily. (Julia is actually their Aunt! - she's their father's sister.)

Oldest and youngest of Scott & Amy's kids-Kaylee & Ashley (L)
The two little girls, Cassie &Kaylee on the right.

KOOL KID KAYLEE + Big sisters with masks they
made for a party they are going to - Rachel, Ashley & Emily.

Christmas card picture this year taken by Ashley!
Rachel & Ashley between the trees
L to R: Daniel, Cassie, Kaylee, Emily
Okaaaay - Rachel, Emily and their dad, Scott

Christmas Eve
Kaylee, Daniel, Rachel, Ashley, Emily, Cassie

John's son David with his two little boys, Jake & Josh on Christmas Eve.
They live in VA.
Jake - he was 6 years old in May 2009

Josh was 4 yrs old in March 2009.

Jake fighting for the hammer with Grandpa while working on a project.

Josh and Jake

Grandpa helping Josh with his project.

If I had a hammer.......♪♪ - Josh

Jake & Josh showing tool boxes they made at the Home Depot monthly classes for kids!

Now this is something every parent should have for their kids! - a cage!  :)    Josh


Josh with David.

John's son Scott who lives in AZ with his family. This is last year's card. Scott & Laurie with their children Chase & Caylen.

Caylen's 2nd Birthday in May - at Build a Bear with Chase.

Caylen last May when John visited AZ.

Scott with the kids on Halloween :)

Laurie with Caylen and Chase

Juice and TV break!

Caylen & Chase at the town pool

So cute!

October 2009
Chase, 5 yrs old and Caylen, 2.5 yrs old

2009 Christmas Card - Caylen & Chase with their dog Lothar

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Elizabeth Hatfield said...

Yvonne, I love your blog! I keep calling, "Gary, Gary come and see!!! I wanna go there!!!! Especially up NY! With the girls"....there, and there, and there! I'm so glad you are enjoying your retirement, keep on travelling and blogging! I'm travelling with you! I feel like it! :)
E. Hatfield

Yvonne said...

Thx Elizabeth! I am so glad you got to see my blog. I can't wait to go to NY again!! LOL I have lots of travel pics from this past year and hoping to start getting some of them on my blog now. Thx for note! XO Y.