Late Fall 2009 - In our backyard
Roanoke, VA

It's still pretty in our backyard even this late in fall and after several days of rain! 10.24.09

View from the front window - let's go outside!

I love the mountains all around us!

This view is always beautiful - no matter what the season!

John crossing the yard - his red shirt goes nicely with the colors!

Still very pretty - this yellow tree on the side of the house in backyard.

Looking through the branches to the mountain on the side of the house.
My kitty Jesse (female). She's a "fall color" herself!

My two kitties greeting each other.

Jesse made a surprise attack on Katie and they tumbled. Jesse came up swinging - with her eyes closed tight!

My sweet, affectionate little Katie coming out from under the camper after Jesse's "attack"!

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