F L A S H B A C K !

These pictures were taken at the Stony Brook Railroad Station, NY. This big old steamer was on display at different stations after it's retirement.

What amazes me is that we were allowed to climb all over it!!

That's ME on the front end in the white sweater. A friend (Daria) sits to the left of me. Way back by the cab, standing between the cab and coal car is my sister Ginger in a white sweater. Our neighbor took my sister and me along with her two daughters to see the train and took these pics for me with my camera.

I am also amazed at the sheer size of the wheels on this engine!

That's the four of us girls standing by the engine. These are much larger wheels than what's on the engines in Roanoke's scrap yard. I am the tallest at 11 yrs old. My 9 yr old sister Ginger is in the other light top. Next to her is our neighbor's two girls, Daria 8 and Rene 4-1/2.

This was a huge steam engine and there I am on top of it! Wow!

April 2, 2009 Update: I just found out that this engine is one of five engines built in the Pennsylvania Railroad's Juniata shops for Long Island commuter service. It is a class G-5 steam locomotive with a 4-6-0 wheel arrangement. It is currently in the Strasburg, PA shops under going restoration at this time.

This engine is actually the #39. It temporarily had the number 38 on the nose of it from a scrapped locomotive because Baseball Great Roy Campanella was given the 39 number plate upon the engine's retirement from service! That also explains why the engine's cab lacks a number!

.......and me sitting in the engineer's seat!

How wonderful that we have the internet at our fingertips from which we can find out such information! I especially owe thanks to the two people who replied regarding this train, giving some of this info which allowed me to find out more online!

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