First significant snowfall in 4 years!
March 2, 2009

While still on the trees - was pretty to see, but the sun came out and quickly melted it!

The wind gusts were terrible and felt like ice shooting through you.
Here's it blows off the roof.

Everyone was pretty excited about it the snow.

People were interviewed by the news all over the valley, grinning and enjoying our BIG snowfall. That's the corner of John's shed and view off our back porch.

One of our cats, Jesse (female) sitting on the window shelf in the enclosed part of the back porch. She enjoys the view but the snow doesn't keep her housebound.


From March 11, 2009 Roanoke Times

Weatherman Reported: "That it felt like we jumped right from winter to summer last week! On Tuesday morning, March 3, Roanoke's low temp was 13 degrees. On Saturday afternoon, March 7, Roanoke's high was 83 degrees!! That was a 70-degree shift in four days!"

It was also noted that: "Winter periods moving quickly from the teens to low 70s or vice versa in a few days happen every few years. But to leap from the teens to the 80s so quickly is extremely rare. We've had spring-like warm weather for over a week now, but cooler weather is returning soon.

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