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Many people liked the pictures I posted of the harbor frozen sent to me by a friend (they follow this latest posting), so I thought I would show off some additional pics of one of my family's favored places. It has been a part of my life for 39 years now.

Aerial view of part of the Harbor
The harbor consists of two large park areas. The original park is the treed area on the left. The additional park is on the right after the two parking lots. The large sand area at lower right corner is where there is an updated playground.

The main dock for the harbor is off the parking lot to the left in picture. It is L-shaped but you only see part of it going straight out into the water and the corner where it turns right.

From that main dock straight back across the parking lot is a large gray office building. That is where my daughter works now for a law firm. She's right on the harbor every day! Main Street is to the right of that building.

Village of Northport dock sign

To date, this is my favorite pic of the harbor. I took it during my visit in April 2008.
I always go to the Harbor and Main Street a few times when I visit NY.

View along the edge of the park at the water.

Ships mast for a flag pole. The grandstand behind it.

The algae covering the rocks is a beautiful bright green in the early spring!

From the water looking back into the park grounds. The Music Series sets up in the grandstand every Friday night of the summer which is very popular with everyone including my daughters who meet with their friends there.

At the beginning of the main dock looking out across one of the many floating docks.

Seems like most of the boats in the water here are sailboats!

Me back in 2006 on a beautiful November day's outing to the harbor.

When you reach the end of the main dock, you can sit on the benches in the shade.

This pic just shows a corner of the "elbow" in the L-shaped main dock. We even have some little "mountains" on the North Shore of Long Island in Northport! :)

From the right turn of the dock looking down to the end. There's always people out there. This was a workday before lunch so it wasn't too busy yet.

My daughter Kathy, my 2 yr old granddaughter Katie, and my son-in-law Mike taken in April 2008.

This is a People's Float - no tie ups allowed! Isn't that funny? With seating all around the two parks and the harbor, we also have a People's Float!

Another view of the People's Float and main dock.

Many dinghies tie up at the back half of this float. It's a t-shaped float. Boats tie up at the front end as well as the floating dock in the back on the left.

When the tide is out, it's easier to load and unload your boat tied up to the floating dock and then walk up the ramp. Tie up limit 5 minutes for boats though! Boat traffic is heavy at this harbor in the summer. The Harbor Master makes sure you move!

Fire & Rescue boat in background; colorful dinghies in front.

Looking through the park towards the water. It's SO pretty here.

Restroom Facilities on each side of this building. Stairs lead up to the street level. They topped the building off with a gazebo - bring your own chairs and enjoy!

View from the raised gazebo looking to the left at harbor.

Off to the right of gazebo is the much-loved old playground. There are always kids here (this was a school day). My kids played here when they were little as does my granddaughter now.

Benches along the edge allow you to keep an eye on the kids more easily than you can at the larger, more modern playground.

Bigger kids swings and over past the slides are the baby swings.

Everyone loves the see-saws! You rarely see them in a park anymore. There's the traditional big slide-little slide old playgrounds always had as well.

The old merry go round. All the kids love these things.....

Including my beautiful little 2 yr old granddaughter Katie!
Her mom took this pic in September 2008.

They have added a second, much larger merry-go-round and like I said, the kids still love these things but you won't find them in the modern playgrounds!

Over at the extended park now - tide was very low. Nice gazebo over here, too.

This gazebo has two cement tables and chairs, complete with checker board. It's popular with the lunch crowd and the tables are usually occupied on weekends and holidays.

Fishermen's cages and harbor.
Two seagulls sitting on top of the tallest poles.

And we can't have harbor pics without a close-up of a seagull! :) This ones feathers are blowing up from the wind coming in off the water.

A neat old fishing boat. I like the dog silhouette!

In the park over by the large modern playground. The harbor really fills up with boats!

What I call the "modern playground". When my kids were little, it was a one of the popular wooden playgrounds of days gone by. Plastic is a nice replacement.

It large and it's spread out with lots of slides for all ages, bridges and climbing places.

Straight ahead is Kathy's office building! There's Mike, Katie and Kathy leaving the main dock. Most people also walk up through the town, as we did.

The downtown stores. Many attractive buildings. Everyone heads up there for snacks, ice cream and candy from the Sweet Shop.

Looking back down part of the block towards the harbor.

The old trolley tracks still run down Main Street. They've never removed them though we've never seen a trolley running in the 39 yrs we've been there.

View further up the block.

Another pretty downtown building.

The Lewis Building, built in 1930. Date at top of building.

A favorite eating and gathering place with bar.

The old hardware store always has interesting items out front for sale.

A beautiful sunset picture of the harbor taken by Kathy back in April 2007.

Here's some unusual pictures - the harbor in the FOG!
Kathy took these pictures - on May 7, 2003!

Even in the fog, the Harbor has people walking and even sitting on the main dock! See the people under the gazebo?

Enlarge this pretty pic - you can see some of the shore across the water from the main dock, a man in red walking along and a seagull just taking flight.

Now when I visit NY and I talk about Northport Harbor, it will have a "face" and you will know what it looks like! :)

Continue scrolling to see some winter scenes sent to me by my friend Hank.

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