Northport Harbor, NY
~ F R O Z E N ~

February 2, 2009

These pics were sent to me by my long-time friend Hank
Here he's standing outside the entrance to Sunken Meadow State Park's Boardwalk where we both used to walk 3 miles every day!

Hank moved to Atlanta, GA with his job for Delta about 8 months before I moved to Virginia - over 17 years ago!

While visiting his two daughters in New York, he took some pics of our beloved Northport Harbor frozen from winter temps.

I have not seen the harbor like this since I left NY and I was glad he sent me these pics.
Beautiful sight, to see it frozen!

View from the end of the dock looking back towards town.
Town more visible if you enlarge the picture!

The setting sun is so pretty at the harbor winter or summer!

It always surprised me that people would leave their sailboats in the harbor through the winter and we'd see them frozen in the ice!

If you enlarge this pic, you can see the Christmas lights strung along the dock. They never did that when I lived there! How pretty it looks.

Sunset again at the harbor. It had not frozen over yet.

***Thanks, Hank! - for sending me these great pics of the harbor!***

And yet ONE MORE - this taken by Hank's daughter Heather on her iPhone! Pic dated today, 2.22.09 so here's the most recent picture - SO PRETTY! Heather is in NY and sent the pic to Hank in GA who sent it to me in VA! All in the same evening!
The water is like GLASS! Beautiful!

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