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January 4, 2009

I have two sisters and I have two daughters as does my youngest sister Sue. Ginger, the middle sister, has seven children. These some of our kids and their ages. Siblings and who they belong to are "color coded" for clarification :)

Kathy (35), Allison (27), Eileen (29),
Scott (40), Shane (30)
, Melissa (30) and Brooke (21)

Kathy and Eileen are my two daughters.
Allison and Melissa are sister Sue's two daughters.

Scott, Shane and Brooke are three of sister Ginger's seven children

Here they are BEING THEMSELVES! --Hey Melissa, what's with THAT face!?
Pic from July 2008
Here's five of Ginger's seven (the oldest two boys are married and don't live at home). There's Brooke & Shane again. On the left, Brooke is holding 9 yr old Sammy; on the right of Shane is 16 yr old Julia , and Tanya, 8 yrs old.

* * * * * F L A S H B A C K - T I M E * * * * *
OK....let's have a little FlashBack of The Cousins - Mother's Day 1992
This one includes Ricky, Ginger's oldest son
Siblings Color Coded again: Back row-Scott (23) & Ricky (24), little girl in pink is
Brooke (4). The others from L to R are Shane (13) , Melissa (13), Eileen (12), Allison (10) and Kathy (15)

Taken 17 years ago!

Scott and Ricky were already married at this time. Julia, Sammy and Tanya had not even been born yet!
Check out Shane above: HE'S PACKING HEAT!..has a gun in the waist of his pants! LOL

Here's Mother's Day 1991
A year earlier than pic above? It's fading so I need to scan it.
Color coded Siblings
Eileen, Shane, Allison, Melissa, Little Brooke & Kathy

When there were only THREE.....Father's Day 1978
Ricky (12) and Scott (10.5) with cousin Kathy (5)

For more family pictures in a section called FAMILY PICTURES - MISH MASH -in archive column at left

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