Oct. 2, 2008

This was the first time we've gone on one of the day trips with the Town Parks and Recreation Dept and we really enjoyed the experience and the company!

Our group consisted of 11 Senior Citizens and Christine, our Tour Guide & Driver. Lunch as well as transportation was provided.
Gathering at the Trail Map display.
Bottom Creek Gorge is located in Montgomery County about 35-40 minutes from Roanoke. Forming the headwaters of the Roanoke River, it has the highest waterfall in VA (200 ft), and a creek that forms a stair-step series of broad-basin waterfalls known as the "kettles."
Five of our group

Five others :) That's John you see here. It was a beautiful fall day perfect for a vigorous hike.

"Hey! They're leaving without us!" says John

Everyone gathering on a series of "steps" in the side of the mountain to settle down for lunch. A wonderful box lunch was provided.

John and me before having lunch. I didn't notice John was wearing his old glasses which do not have non-reflected lenses.

Some of the ladies and our guide Christine in the light blue jacket. There were three men and eight women on the hike.

There were FOUR New Yorkers on the trip out of the 11 of us!
How neat is that and what a surprise! (I wasn't the only one who "talked funny"!)

The view before us at the lunch stop was supposed to be the 200 ft waterfall. HOWEVER - the drought has been so bad for so many years that there was only a trickle of water to be seen!

After lunch, happy and content. Everyone really talked up a storm and got to know each another better. We had a good time and a good hike on a beautiful day to be outside.
I spotted an old cemetery in the woods off the trail and detoured to check it out. The others followed.
Richard and Kinuko back on the bus for trip home.
We exchanged email addresses. Richard is a New Yorker from Syracuse who lives in Roanoke with his wife, Kinuko who is from Japan.
We were all happy and tired. It had been a 3.75 mile hike and we all handled it like champs getting back to the bus two hours earlier than the time allowed for the hike! The oldest among us was a woman of 76; next oldest a man of 74. I sure hope I can still hike like this in another 11-13 years!

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Chamberlaine Beard said...

Hiking is so refreshing! It looks like you guys had fun :D

And you take beautiful pictures!