Making Cider at Brad & Susan's
Sept. 30, 2008

Actually, we made FRESH APPLE JUICE, not cider because we didn't ferment it! :)
Our friends Brad & Susan (from our church) asked us if we could help pick apples from their apple trees on Monday night then come back Tuesday night to help make the cider.

John, Lew (Susan's brother) and Brad

This is an old "fruit press" or cider mill that is over 100 years old. Brad's father found it in an old barn overgrown with weeds when they briefly lived in West VA many years ago.

Susan's son Jason and his wife Jessie sliced all apples in half first.
Susan and I did what WE do best: take pictures and videos!

The apples are chopped and drop into a sort of bottomless "basket" called a crib.

View of crib below chopper which is slid forward on the "drainboard" to the press.

Crib in place for "squeezing" out the juice. Definitely a labor-intensive endeavor!

A thick round board is added to the top of the crib.

After the round board has been depressed a bit, another cross-piece board is added for more leverage in pressing the juice out of the apple pieces.

Brad on the left and John on the right as juice flows into the pitcher.

Apple pieces have been fully compressed at this point. Pitcher is full of frothy, delicious, fresh-apple juice.

The crib of compressed apple pieces is removed from the machine and emptied into the wheelbarrow. The process is repeated until all the apples have been chopped and pressed.

Here's a close up view of the crank and gears on the press.

Two of their 3 grandchildren playing with compressed pieces of apple.
It was an interesting and fun outing participating in making the apple juice and watching how the machine was used to do that.

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